Yashchuk Valeriy Mykolayovych

Professor, Doctor of Sciences
Scientific leader of the laboratory “Photonics of organic media”


Lab Room: 258
Email: YashchukValeriy@gmail.com
Lab Phone: (044) 526-4587
Lab Name: Organic Photonics compounds

Curriculum vitae

Prof. V.M.Yashchuk is a known specialist in the field of photonics of organic media; today he mainly provides the investigations of: 1) Dynamics of electron excitations in synthetic and biological macromolecules and interactions between dyes and biological molecules by spectroscopic methods; 2) Molecular (nano-) electronics, design of materials for OLEDs and sensor systems. The results of the works by V.M.Yashchuk are well-known in the scientific world (see, for example, M.Pope, Ch.E.Svenberg. Electronic processes in organic crystals. Clarendon Press, Oxford; Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 1982, p. 821). His Doctor’s thesis was devoted to the investigations of the dynamics of electron-vibrational excitations in organic molecules and contains the results of spectral investigations, carried out at the Experimental Physics Division of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University during 1970s in collaboration with the Division of Chemistry of High-molecular compounds at Chemical Department of our University, with Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS of Ukraine and New York University in Buffalo, USA.


Physics Department of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University 1971 Specialization: optics of solid state Qualification: physicist PhD 1983 Doctor of Sciences 2001

Scientific interests

  •  Photonics of organic media
  •  Energy transfer of electron excitations in macromolecules
  •  Nano-electronics
  •  Sensor systems
  •  Processes of growing old and destruction of organic systems
  •  Bio-photonics and application of photonics in medicine (photodynamical therapy)


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